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Imagine the Possibilities, 2019

An interactive mural in Camden, New Jersey commissioned by Rails to Trails Conservancy. The mural event got the community involved in plans to redevelop an abandoned rail track into a public bike trail. 

Cause Village, ROC Nation 2019

One of ten Philly-based artists selected to create letters displayed in the "Cause Village" at Made in America Festival hosted by Roc Nation in 2019. Each letter represented a different cause. "G" represents youth empowerment through arts education, and "A" represents mixed families through foster care and adoption. 

They're Playing the Board, 2018

They're Playing the Board is a series of student drawings and self-portraits that have been collaged into playing cards, calling to mind both the playfulness and precarity of growing up for many kids today. In Poker, "playing the board" means your best five-card hand rests in all of the face-up community cards in the center of the table. In a child's life, success depends on the support of the community--their family, teachers, neighbors and friends. It often seems like a game of chance, working with the hand you're dealt.


Proyecto de Lluvia, 2015 - 2017

Handmade paper, student drawings, public mural, gallery exhibition, public programming.



In an effort to promote a more positive collective perception of youth in Camden, students pose a question: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain. What is your dance? In conjunction with MFA thesis research for (...), Proyecto de Lluvia spanned three years, included multiple contexts and hundreds of participants. Click on the zine images below to learn more. 



What Is a Food Desert, 2016

Collaged photographs, handwritten text, paint and paper. 

Commission for "Food Moves," a food justice exhibit at Rowan University Art Gallery, curated by Daniel Tucker and Mary Salvante. What is a Food Desert uses collage to document a participatory action research project centered around kids' relationships with food politics. The maps, which outline the different Camden neighborhoods, include handwritten entries from students, photographs of a classroom vegetable garden, and pictures of their school lunch.


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